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Several years ago, construction workers in Georgia discovered a forgotten attic room in an old plantation home, somewhere south of Athens. The secret space contained a Capetian trunk, dusty and unopened for many years. Inside was a set of papers, deeply faded, yet still decipherable, and reference to a strange, horn, embedded with crystals, that is of "great power and significance to servants of alchemy."


The papers were a set of curious verses and pictograms, together with journal entries and letters that spanned many lifetimes. The identity of the author would remain unknown if it were not for a small, painted portrait that accompanied them and his initials on each piece of paper. A set of brief instructions were also present, detailing the "why" but not the "where". To protect the documents from the wrath of time, the researchers scanned the originals and created eternal, digital copies.


Researchers identified the subject of the fine enamel portrait as the mysterious Comte de St Germain: Magician, Time Traveller, Alchemist. Rumors persist that Germain had discovered the elixir of eternal life and that he could live, unnoticed, hidden in the shadows of our world, as the centuries passed.

His verses and memories can now be your journey, if you are worthy. Follow the Count's instructions and travel well.

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Join the Hunt

Should you wish to accept St Germain's challenge to find his most precious tool of alchemy, buy and read the Kindle E-book (available for $7.99 on Amazon). Kindle is available to download as an application on a range of devices, including laptop and desktop computers.  The PDF version is available to purchase here as a digital download.

The Rules

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A complete guide to the hunt can be found in the E-book and PDF. Terms & Conditions are here.
This hunt requires armchair research skills and "Boots on the Ground" at the final location to recover the proxy. 

Your goal is to find the final hiding place of the Count's most precious object, the Horn of Magistrum. To gain this precious article, you must solve the clues and recover a proxy item. The proxy is located somewhere in mainland United States and is easily recoverable. It is not found on private property, church/cemetery grounds, flowerbeds, railways or highways, or any other dangerous locations. In fact, it would go largely unnoticed by all.

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